"Your goals are personal to you; once you identify them, pursue them with Relentless Persistence."

About Me

…where do I start? I spent a bit of time in the Army deciding what I wanted to do with my life – 20 years deciding! But now here I am. Born and raised in sunny Wolverhampton, and because of my time in the military, I lived in Germany for the best part of 10 years before returning to the UK. I spent a bit of time at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, before embarking on the second part of my career as an Army Officer.

I am pretty driven and want to be the best I can be; I reached a Decision Point in which I knew that, to achieve what I wanted from life, I’d have to leave the Army. And that is exactly what I did.

Since leaving, I found a mentor, built a real estate business and have written a book! Not bad for a kid with no qualifications…eh?!

If we meet, say hello! I’m pretty easy going and I love coffee – especially if there’s a piece of cake to go with it!

I live and breathe the philosophy of Relentless Persistence.

What others have said about me

Nathan is an effective operator with an eye for clear communication. He is an unflappable manager in often challenging situations.
Anthony Agnew
Sustainable Energy - Project Development, Finance & Broker Solar,
Nathan's leadership skills are unquestionable and he is very calm under pressure; he is focused on getting results but not to the detriment of important relationships or strategic goals.
Nicholas Breen
Humans Resources Manager at HM Forces
Diligent & robust, with no boundaries of seeking progression. Nathan is a great team player, always full of ideas. Success is what he strives for.
Chris Chimpondene BA Hons
Administration Officer at UK Ministry of Defence

My Book

As Maya Angelou said “What you learn, teach.”

I am passionate about helping others maximise their potential and ultimately lead them on the pathway to their own dreams.

Decision Point is the synthesis of my best lessons for success. I have fused practical human psychology with my own in-depth research to support and develop colleagues and clients to achieve their own goals. Using the methods I teach in Decision Point, I have forged a successful career in real estate, and I relish nothing more than looking for my next challenge… (book number two!)

Decision Point cover for book and ebook
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